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Wednesday 21st July 2010

Hillforts Mobile Phone Trail Launched

Where can you meet Helf the Caveman,Bronwen from the Bronze age,Gwen from the Iron age and the Victorian Reverend Drewyn?

On top of the hillfort of Penycloddiau, in the beautiful Clwydian Range of course!

Audio Guide Productions Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of their third audio trail for Denbighshire's Heather and Hillforts project.

Whereas the previous trails featured narration and interviews,this one leads you along the route introducing characters from the past, who reveal life around the hillfort throughout time.

Said Julie Dean of Audio Guide Productions Ltd "the project was great to work on.It was so interesting that the character of Reverend Drewyn was inspired by the archaeological excavation held here last year.Surprisingly archaeologists working on the bronze age cairn discovered that amateur Victorian archaeologists had inadvertantly left their own artefacts,while digging the same site!"

The trail in Welsh and English can be downloaded from the Heather and Hillforts website or through our portal

The latest technology also allows access via by mobile phone.

Just ring 01745 222 123

The calls will be charged at the callers local landline rate or within their bundled free minutes

The launch is taking place on 26 July at Nannerch village Hall with a chance to follow the walk.

For more information

Please contact Erin Robinson at the Heather and Hillforts office


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