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 Hungary Budapest Audio Guide


Do you know a better or more fascinating way to discover Budapest than this audio city guide?

Donít rush to answer. Listen to our thoughts first.
In the past, you may have signed up for a sightseeing tour that left you exhausted, having to keep up with the group and the relentless pace of the tour guide.
These types of city tours can easily disconnect you from the real atmosphere of the town you visit. You simply donít have time to immerse yourself in the everyday life of the city. A sightseeing tour has a predefined route and you may not be interested in all of the sights, but you cannot skip them. The city tour's speed may not fit always your own rhythm, so you can feel like an outsider in the group.

A guidebook or travel guide can be an alternative for getting around a town. You have the freedom to choose which sites you would like to visit. However, travel guides have to be carried with you, and you might need to flip them through every minute to know where you are. You can easily spend a whole day reading instead of focusing on the beauty you can SEE around you. How can you enjoy the city if your nose is mostly in the travel guide?

These were exactly our experiences, which led us to start developing the Budapest Audio Guide. We want to give you the freedom and possibility of exploring all thatís interesting about Budapest- without hassle. Youíll get a private guide who will speak only when YOU want to listen to him.
You can stop any time for coffee or beer in a pleasant place, or simply take a breather. When youíre ready, you can continue the tour. Discover the city at your own pace, without being forced to adapt to others.

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