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Rotterdam has over a century of modern architecture within just a few square kilometres. Forty buildings in the city centre, representing a hundred years of modern architecture, have been selected to take centre stage in the Sites & Stories programme.

Special routes
What’s great about Sites & Stories is it allows you to put together your own route using the accompanying map. Here are three suggestions to give you an idea of possible routes. We have also put together three complete packages for your Sites & Stories day in Rotterdam; useful if you want to get out and about with family or colleagues.

Route 1: Out and about in Rotterdam
This walking route takes you past a number of remarkable architectural features and helps you make acquaintance with the city centre. If you enjoy a good walk you’ll enjoy this journey of discovery through Rotterdam.

Click for the full Route 1 text and the sound package of the first tour.

Route 2: Architecture and Design
A special exhibition at the Netherlands Architecture Institute or a wonderful gallery on the Witte de Withstraat; in Rotterdam you are simply spoilt for choice when it comes to architecture and design.

Click for the full Route 2 text and the sound package of the second tour.

Route 3: Kids Adventure
The Sites & Stories audio tour also has plenty for children. There are ten city and fantasy maps for the youngest; these colourful maps will encourage young children to look very differently at buildings. The Stars in Architecture book teaches children aged 8 to 15 about architecture in a fun way. These maps and books are available at Sites & Stories distribution points.

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