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 Malta Birgu Citta Vittoriosa Triguide


The city of Vittoriosa is also known as Birgu. When the Knights of St. John came from Rhodes to Malta in 1530, they chose Birgu, the oldest of the three cities, as their new headquarters. The ambience of Birgu underwent great change with the arrival of the Knights of St. John, so much so that it became known as “La Citta Nuova”, the Italian expression for “the New City”. Along with new bastions to fortify the city’s defenses, the Knights built the hostels, the so-called auberges, for their eight languages.

Birgu Audio Guide includes:

* 42 mp3 files,
* 1 hour 20 minutes of content plus,
* 20 pages Booklet as pdf
* Male & Female Speakers
* Four languages English, German, Spanish & Italian

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