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 Malta Valleta Walking Guide


The Valletta Audio audio walking tour is fun and great value for money. Instead of following a person, joining a group or having your eyes glued to a guidebook, you can download our Valletta audio tour to your own MP3 player or iPod. Besides exploring Valletta at your own speed and on your time we will also tell you things that you will not find in any guide book!

Tour highlights include:

* Site of the Royal Opera House
* St Johns Cathedral
* The Palace
* St Paulís Anglican Cathedral

* The Manoel Theatre
* Auberge de Castille
* The Upper Barakka
* Fort St Elmo

The Valletta Audio tour is easy to follow. It is recorded in segments and each site is numbered so itís easy to locate on the Valletta route map which you also download with the sound files.

The tour is divided in 4 parts, has 45 site descriptions and gives you around 45 minutes of audio for a leisurely walk of around 90 minutes in Valletta.

The Valletta Walking Tour is provided in standard MP3 format. When you purchase a download, you'll be sent a link (with a username and password) which will instruct you how to download your tour. Your username and password will be vaild for approximately 48 hours. You will be guided to download a zip file whcih contains a set of MP3 files and a map in PDF format. Simply print out the map, copy the MP3 files to your iPod or MP3 player and head off for your tour.

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For further information please visit:
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