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As the great Scottish poet, Robert Burns once wrote: "I'd be mair vauntie o' my hap, Douce hingin' owre my curple, Than ony ermine ever lap, Or proud imperial purple." No clue? All "Scottish" to you? Didn't think anything rhymed with purple? Then this tour is for you! On this tour we translate Edinburgh's colorful history into plain English as we lift the kilt of the city to unveil all the nooks and crannies that make this one of the most intriguing burgs in Europe. Beginning at the boggy banks of Castlehill, this tour takes you through the Medieval Old Town, up the Royal Mile, and onto the Castle as we storm Edinburgh from the bottom up. Och-aye!

Starting Point: Sir Walter Scott Monument
Nearest Station: Waverly Station
Estimated Walking Time: 1.5 hour
File Size: 17 Megabytes

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