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The life of Paul Cézanne is one of artistic obstinacy and solitude. His body of work profoundly marked and revolutionised 20th century painting – yet this he never knew. He thought nothing of deconstructing everything to reconstruct it in a different way – he tackled perspective, colour, form, proportions, the decor and environment surrounding the object and light.
After all, the fact that the sun moves and throws part of an object into shadow is hardly the fault of the object. Does it alter its fundamental characteristics? In short, Cézanne challenged everything and the painters that followed were to find much inspiration in the body of his work. His work on forms and volumes was to lead to cubism. The way in which he refused to consider the decorative value of colour also paved the way for Klee and Kandinsky. Cézanne’s role as a pioneer in all this is the hallmark of a great painter. To a certain extent, this lecture also intends to illustrate this Provencal countryside which Cézanne claimed was the best location for him to feel the “vibrations” of living things, landscapes and objects.

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