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Design By The Sea

Santa Monica’s proximity to Hollywood makes it as a city where suspended reality is a way of life. Its proximity to the ocean makes it as a relaxed beach town. And its plethora of wealthy celebs make it a hub for sophisticated shopping and living.

Its no wonder many of the world’s greatest designers have set up shop here!

Highlights include:

* Learn how the city’s clever use of public space and sky’s the limit environment has fashioned a hub for world-renowned artists and designers.
* Visit one of Frank Gehry’s first fledgling efforts and meet the woman who almost rejected him as the architect for her building
* Stop by a gallery owned by the creators of the 20th century’s most well known piece of furniture
* Shop at the store where Courtney Cox recently scooped up a dozen Thomas Frank pillows to adorn her abode.
* Sip a cappuccino in the coffee shop where Santa Monica’s most creative work.
* See the nation’s “greenest” building

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