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 Australia Melbourne Podtours Showbiz, Sexy Spectacles and Sideshows


From a death-defying dip in the Yarra to the decadent brothels of the late 1800s, Red Symons takes you on a tour of some of the strangest spectacles and sauciest celebrity stories that Melbourne has seen on the Showbiz, Sexy Spectacles & Sideshows podtour of the city.

Highlights Include:

* Houdini’s dive into the Yarra chained and padlocked
* Where Kung Fu master Jackie Chan threw a bad guy through a shop window
* The lanes that served for purgatory for Nicholas Cage in Ghost Rider
* The 1920s race to build the first and most exotic picture palace

Route: From Federation Square take a short stroll across to the Arts Centre before paying a visit to the Regent Theatre, up Exhibition Street to the ‘Little Lon’ red-light district and on to the reputedly haunted Princess Theatre.

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