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Medieval castle rising dramatically above the celebrated garden

Download the audio tour and explore Powis Castle in the footsteps of one of its most remarkable inhabitants, Henrietta Herbert (1758-1830).
The tour follows the visitor route through the castle's showrooms while retracing Henrietta's life. Find out about her superb marriage and her travels to foreign climes; and how they influenced the castle as we know it today.

* Hear how Henrietta brought the eastern treasures in the Clive Museum, including the ruby-eyed golden tiger's head, back to the castle

* See the 19-year-old Henrietta captured in oils by Sir Joshua Reynolds, and learn why it meant she had 'arrived' in society

* Discover why the library contains books that Napoleon and Josephine once owned

Who was Henrietta Herbert?

At the time of her birth in 1758, Henrietta's family were burdened with debt and Powis Castle was an empty, draughty place in danger of falling down.

By the end of her life in 1830, the family's fortunes were assured, the castle was in an excellent state of repair and filled with fabulous treasures from India.

The Powis Archive Project

The Powis Archive Project teamed up with Audio Guide Productions to create this special tour, available for you to download. Or you can experience the real thing, given on special dates at the castle, (please ring for information).

There is also an introductory video to the glories of Powis, Henrietta herself and the lady volunteers who made it all happen.

Portrait of Henrietta Herbert

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