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Play&TourŪ is your audio-guide in mp3 to visit cities in the easiest, most comfortable and cheapest way. Download the map of the city free, then tour it at your own rhythm and as you want with your Play&TourŪ audio-guide.

Barcelona, Paris, London, Rome, Prague, Lisbon, Berlin, Amsterdam, Budapest...You choose the route, you choose what to visit, you choose where to stop for a coffee... In short, you choose how you want to explore the city.

Before visiting any city, download your Play&TourŪ audio-guide here and enjoy it at your rhythm with your mp3 player.

A map to guide you and audios of the 100 most important tourism sites* so you don't miss the most interesting places in each city!

Over 5 hours audio* available in several languages

History, shopping, gastronomy, architecture, art... everything you need to know about the city so as to enjoy it still more

Guide includes mapCharge to DownloadSample OnlyDownload

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